Eric Wight



Written by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen, Published by Bloomsbury USA Childrens


Introducing Caveboy, a new character for the Read & Bloom chapter book line!

Caveboy is just like any other boy . . . he loves playing baseskull, running really fast, and banging his club. But when his club breaks, he will need to find a new one . . . which just might lead him to a new friend. In this first book, Caveboy will find the perfect club, meet his best friend, and learn to be brave!

New readers who like funny stories will race through Caveboy’s adventures, chanting "ooga booga" all the while!


Even Caveboy gets bored sometimes! 

Most days, Caveboy has a lot of things to do. He takes care of his pet rock. He practices his base-skull skills. He races with his friend Mags. He thumps things with his club. But today, he's bored. Mama is busy hunting, Papa is repainting their cave, and Mags is doing chores. He could play with Sister, but sisters smell like burps! Will Caveboy be able to find someone to play with?


Caveboy is trying out for the baseskull team!

One of Caveboy's absolute favorite hobbies is playing baseskull—he is good at hitting, throwing, and stomping! He decides to try out for a baseskull team, but when his best friend Mags joins, he learns that she isn't a very good player. Caveboy is faced with a tricky problem—should he stick with his friend or leave her to be on the better team?